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Large Ensemble & Orchestra


While Snow... for 11 musicians [more]

How Light Arrives ... for 15 musicians  [more]

    Landscape for orchestra [more]

    Variations for Chamber Symphony for 16 players [more]

Small/Medium Ensemble and Vocal

A series of Etudes...  [more]

Wave Coming ...for flute, trumpet, baritone, piano and percussion [more]

     i   for flute, violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion [more]

     From Stillness for trumpet, double bass and partially prepared piano [more]

     In That Void, You See a Light Beam Through Shadows for shakuhachi, sheng, guqin and two percussions [more]

Attimo for flute, clarinet, strings and piano [more]


    Bass Flute Solo for Teresa Díaz de Cossio- solo bass flute w/ live signal processing of 8- channel spatialization [more]

    Light Beams through Dusts through a Mist of Moistures for solo double bass [more]

Instrumental with Electroacoustic

    Impossible Balance-- a sound piece for ice and lights for string quartet and fixed media [more

    Pastoral for string quartet and electroacoustic [more]

    Kandinsky Composition VII for flute, clarinet, cello and electroacoustic [more]

Electronic & Multimedia & Installation

Star and Moon... [more]

Water Flow....[more]

Ocean Pearl Teardrops for fixed media and real time performance [more]

All Partials for site specific installation [more

I Hear Light Beams, You?  for site specific installation arts [more]






  • Anqi Liu composer
  • Anqi Liu composer
  • Anqi Liu composer
  • Anqi Liu composer
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