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Ocean Pearl Teardrops

Electroacoustic soundscape Whale Song-Ocean Dream series with installations


premiered and performed at INNER FIELD, New York


Mar. 2016


Ocean Pearl Teardrops integrates the traditional Inner Mongolian arietta with electroacoustic. The Mongolian arietta in the fixed media is a valuable cassette tape recording between the 60th and 70th measures. This work was composed as part of my efforts to preserve the Mongolian music by adapting its aesthetics to the contemporary music.


All sound in the Ocean Pearl Teardrops is original from the samples recorded by me. The pervasive watery sound is not recorded from water itself but is the samples of a homemade rainstick.  Through diverse processes to metamorphose the samples, I enable them to sound as real rivulets or oceans. It represents the symbolic  meaning of the whole universe and nature, as the opposite of a tiny individual who sings a Mongolian arietta at the end. 

Event Link

prepared piano for the recorded samples

playing and recording prepared piano samples

performing @ NYC

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