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Anqi Music Studio

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Piano Lessons

I have been teaching piano since 2010 to students from age 4 to adults. I travel to your place to offer piano lessons. 

I work with each student to find an individual and personal path. Whether you want to refine and deepen your skills towards the classical repertoires, prepare for the competition and auditions, express yourself through playing the piano, rearrange your loved songs and perform them on the piano, sight read and improvise, or begin reading music and playing an instrument for the first time, I will guide you through valuable and efficient strategies and develop a personal style, voice, and technique. In such a journey, you practice and improve your piano and musical skills with joy and high self-discipline.

Music is about sharing and listening. I organize one solo recital and one chamber recital each year for my students to perform in front of the audience. 

Music Theory Lessons

I have been teaching music theory with diverse needs in private lessons, middle/high school, and university classroom situations for 11 years. 

I design music theory lessons and ear training lessons around you. Whether you want to analyze classical repertoires, understand the harmonic structure and chord progressions of your loved songs, explore the background and the harmonic functions of the styles you appreciate, prepare for competitions/exams and conservatory auditions, or begin reading music for the first time, I will guide you through efficient and personal methodologies to develop and deepen your understanding of music. 

My pedagogical approach to music theory is always informed by a desire to connect practices and theories and to build aural and theoretical comprehension in tandem with one another. In doing so, theory becomes both an organic reflection of sonic observations and a point of departure for intellectual extrapolations as well as heuristic investigations. I encourage students to trust that their cumulative experiences will reveal how their own handling of music theory; will continue to grow from practice, perseverance, and curiosity. 

Composition/Music Production Lessons

I have been teaching composition and music production lessons to various student bodies for 6 years. I believe each individual can create, compose and make music. Whether you are a well-trained musician or begin reading music the first time, I design lessons based on your talents and situations. I offer multiple opportunities to my students to work with internationally established musicians and venues for listening to their works live.  


Click HERE to a concert of 10 premieres of my composition students.

About Me

Praised as "The Wire" magazine as "iridescent delicacy" and "dissolves it (musical materials) in a vat of acid", Anqi Liu is an internationally established musician, composer and performer. The winner of the 2017 Marion Tournon-Branly Prize of Ecoles d'Art Américaines de Fontainebleau (Paris), the winner at the international competition “Donne in Musica” for her orchestra piece Forget, Listen, and the first prize of the INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION MAURICE RAVEL, the “San Diego Union-Tribune” reviewed her How Light Arrives... praising her unique sense of musical color and compositional introspection.  Her reputation has been internationally celebrated with performances and premieres across the U.S, Europe, and Asia at venues and concert halls like Le Poisson Rouge (NYC), Shapeshifter Lab (NYC), The Firehouse Space (NYC), Dusk Dawn Club (BJ), Beijing Mao Live House, INNER FIELD (NYC), Spectrum (NYC), Heluting Concert Hall ( Shanghai Conservatory), Suzhou Art Center, Central Conservatory Concert Hall, Palace of Fontainebleau and others. She has been commissioned by and has been closely working with a group of well-known musicians, ensembles, and festivals including The Reiefestival 2023 (Belgium), Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik 2022 (Austria), ANALYSIS CREATION and TEACHING of ORCHESTRATION (ACTOR, McGill University, Montreal), Ensemble Palimpsest, Steven Schick, Kynan Johns, King Britt, Kyle Motl, Teresa Díaz de Cossio, Nina Vanhoenacker, Ilana Waniuk, Peter Ko, Meraki Chamber Players, New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Dal Niente, Mivos Quartet, DECODA Music, Air Contemporary Music (Central Conservatory, Beijing), Vanguard Culture San Diego, Nouveau Classical Project (NYC), Norrbotten NEO (Sweden), and others. Her works and performances have been selected and featured in academies and international conferences such as Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2021, Ensemble Dal Niente Summer Residency 2021, International Society of Bassists Convention 2021, Oh My Ears Festival 2021, Ircam ManiFeste the Academy composition workshop 2020, ELECTRONIC MUSIC WEEKEND MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick 2019, Kalv Music Academy (Sweden), California Electronic Music Exchange Concert 2018 (CEMEC  Stanford), Ecoles d'Art Américaines de Fontainebleau (Paris), International Computer Music Conference 2017 (ICMC), Connecticut Summerfest Contemporary Music Festival, and others. 

She holds BA in Music Performance and Law (double degree), an MA in Music Composition from Rutgers University, and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Music Composition from UC San Diego. Over nine years of high musical education, Anqi was supported entirely by the universities and conservatories with full scholarships. She is an EB1A ((For Extraordinary Ability Individuals) green card holder, based on her reputation in the music industry and musical pedagogy. Having been teaching at the music department in the university, teaching private music lessons, she believes that the fundamental of musical education is to guide students to find their own path in ways that meaningfully and healthily contribute to their development as artists, musicians, and individuals in the community and society. 



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