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My students' digital works:

- A concert of my undergrad students majored in composition/music production at UC San Diego. The selected student's work click the link HERE.

- A collection of selected students' works aged from 8 to 12 who studied music technology and music production with me. Click the link HERE

My digital works:

- A piece for tape, projector, lights and live performance. The fix audio-visual parts was created with Ableton and Logic, as well as Adobe full package for the visual part. Click the link HERE for the fixed audio-visual part. Click the link HERE for the live performance of the piece, with the settings of the projector, lights, staging and instrumentalist. 

- A piece for synthesizers and tape, created with Ableton and Logic. Click the link HERE

- A piece made from the field recordings of Mongolian throat singing that I conducted over the years-long research project in the Mongolian herding area. Click the link HERE

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